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chronic health problems.

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    Do your research. Watch my videos, read my book, and become an empowered patient. Learn how to get your health back into your hands.

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    Understand that all systems of your body are connected. Your symptoms are your body's way of communicating to you that there is a problem with the way you are treating it.

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    Changing the way that you're caring for your body is the key to getting your health back. You must decide to turn away from the things in your life that are robbing you of your health and follow Your Path To Health.

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    Call us at 909-949-0155 to schedule Your Case Review Consultation, it's the best way we can help you figure out what direction you need to turn to find Your Path To Health.

Our services provide the missing links for successful management of chronic disease.


Case Review Consultation

All care in this office begins with a Case Review Consultation. The Case Review takes place over two office visits, either in person, on the phone, or via video chatting. You will be required to watch several videos before your appointments. I will be going over a lot of information with you during the case review. Watching the videos will allow me to serve you at a higher level and will allow you to get more out of the case review.

Functional Health Analysis

Evaluating lab work can be a daunting task. For many doctors, perhaps even your doctor, it simply involves running down the lab report looking for the biomarkers with results outside of the lab range. Then coordinating that with your history, other tests, and symptoms to diagnose a disease. My functional health analysis is different. We look at labwork with a focus on finding health versus disease. This changes the entire picture! The new picture allows us to give hope to those who have been lost in the cracks of a disease focused healthcare system for far too long.

Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Test Panel

This test will give Dr. Robles more insight into your health and the function of different systems of your body. In particular we will identify whether or not there are patterns related to anemia, inflammation, relative risk for cardiovascular events, immune stress, and will be able to assess the health of your thyroid. If we find abnormalities in any of these blood markers, repeating the abnormal tests is recommended after 8-10 weeks, with the exception of auto-antibody testing which does not need to be repeated.

Food Sensitivity Testing

This test will identify immune reactions to common foods. The foods in this panel are foods that commonly are used to replace wheat and/or activate a similar immune response to wheat (also known as cross reactivity). This will allow us to identify which foods will be safe to reintroduce to your body. This test typically does not need to be repeated unless there are greater than five blood markers that are below detectable levels (indicative of a depressed immune system), or all of the foods come back as reactive (indicative of certain types of sub-clinical infections that may persist with Lyme disease or EBV).

Nutrigemonic Evaluation

This test will be done in two parts. The first part is acquiring the raw genetic data, which requires a saliva sample. The second part is interpretation of this raw genetic data. This interpretation will provide us insight into genetic variations in production of key factors in the body that help with: development of the nervous system, clearing toxins from the body, production of neurotransmitters (the chemicals that help you feel emotions and focus), neurotransmitter clearance, inflammation, energy production, immune health, and much, much more. At this time, this test does not need to be repeated.

Salivary Hormone Test Panels

This test measures hormone output from the adrenal glands as well as markers related to adrenal hormone production. This will help identify other stressors on the body that are impacting your energy levels. This test also has a wheat sensitivity test included. Please note that this wheat sensitivity test yields some false negatives, and therefore does not completely rule out a wheat sensitivity.