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At Lucid Force Health Center, your empowered Path To Health is important to us. The information and videos on our website are to designed to educate you on your role in recovering your health, as well as healing your body. We also want you to understand the different ways in which we help you improve your health which are not utilized by your current treating doctors. We help you address chronic health concerns by addressing the causes of illness, rather than just suppressing the symptoms. Please know that you are a very important part of your recovery and through teamwork with our office, you can get your life and health back.

To help you understand what we do, and how we do it, we encourage you to fully explore the educational information we have created for you.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the About section of our website.
  • 2. Watch our videos that highlight how we review your past and future medical information, as well as the different lab tests we use to look deeper into the causes of your problems.
  • 3. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 4. Read our Practice Policies.
  • 5. After you have reviewed all of the suggested videos and information, please contact our office to make an appointment. Phone: (909) 949-0155

More About Lucid Force Health Center

At Lucid Force Health Center, it is our goal to Empower people with the knowledge and support they need to heal chronic health problems. To start you on your Path To Health, please read about what kinds of conditions bring people to us, our history, and our mission to serve patients at the highest level:

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How We Help People Get Better @ Lucid Force Health Center (LFHC)

Healthy diet and lifestyle choices lay the foundation for good health and recovery from all disease. At Lucid Force Health Center, our focus is on helping you rebuild your health by teaching you how to care for YOUR body so that you can get your life back and get rid of your symptoms. We use specialized lab testing to help identify other problems that have been robbing you of your health, but because there are not medications to fix them…your doctors don’t run the tests and often don’t know how to correctly interpret the results to help you. By looking for health versus disease, we can help guide you back to your Path To Health, so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose, pursue your dreams, and serve your family & community at a higher level!

Learn more about LFHC, or about conditions we help people with, how we look at lab tests differently, and how to be successful at getting your health back.